Essex wedding catering

A Dining Experience

When planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the food. Not only does it need to fit within your budget, but it also needs to be tasty, visually appealing, and reflect your personal preferences. After all, food is a key element in creating a memorable wedding experience for you and your guests.

“A huge thank you for all the gorgeous food you made for us on our wedding day. It was perfect, and all the guests kept saying how it was the nicest food they had ever had at a wedding.”

Emma & Jack

Waters Edge Catering

We work with Waters Edge Catering, a leading Essex catering company, who strive to do just that. Their comprehensive menu, using locally sourced produce wherever possible, is not only fresh and tantalisingly tasty, but is also extremely flexible to suit your tastes and preferences.

Whether you choose something from their delicious menu or provide us with your favourite child-hood recipe, Waters Edge Catering will try and accommodate your requirements wherever possible – after all it is your Wedding Day.

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“Absolutely everyone came up to us to tell us how great the food was. We have a lot of friends who are entertainers who regularly eat at a lot of wedding venues and they all said it was the best food they had had at a wedding!”

Samantha & Jake
blake (134)